Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork

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Hands-on Experience Meets Emerging Science!

This handbook connects the dots to offer the world of bodywork evidence-based emerging science that now supports the theories of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and verifies the existence of what has been known for millennia as ‘Chi.’ The author explores the relationship between the energetics of the body and its alignment, describing how gravity can become a beneficial force when the body is properly aligned.

This illustrated guide details each of the 10 sessions of the Structural Integration series, explaining what the client can expect in each session and how to maximize their benefits. For example, Green explores how rotation patterns in the body contribute to pain, and how correcting them may eliminate the need for hip and knee replacements. When the body’s structure is optimally aligned, pain, inflammation and degeneration may be reduced. Likewise, the flow of energy in the body and mental clarity may become enhanced. 

This resource guide is designed to accompany both practitioner and client through the Structural Integration series. It includes the psycho-emotional Hellerwork “themes,” movement and awareness exercises, support tools for self-care, maintenance between sessions, and how to avoid putting stress and strain back into the body.