Our Story

The journey into my professional life began as a young gymnast. Years of training had left my body compromised. With an excessive sway back and externally rotated legs, sitting, standing, and kneeling were uncomfortable. I did not feel at home in my body, and gravity was not my friend.  Fortunately, during my training to become… Read more »

About Jean Louise Green

Jean Louise Green, Certified Practitioner in the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration, was trained by Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s first generation teachers. From 2004-2018 Green taught basic and advanced level deep tissue classes as a certified teacher of therapeutic massage and senior staff member at Chico Therapy Wellness Center. A professional member of… Read more »

Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork

Book available now! Hands-on Experience Meets Emerging Science! This handbook connects the dots to offer the world of bodywork evidence-based emerging science that now supports the theories of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and verifies the existence of what has been known for millennia as ‘Chi.’ The author explores the relationship between the energetics of the… Read more »